Sometimes, instead of waiting for a door to open, all you really need to do is knock and it will be opened for you! That’s what happened four years ago when our producer ventured across the street to find out what this brand spanking new National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute was all about. One knock and an opening question of “Exactly what is it that you do here?”, and the door to the world of additive and advanced manufacturing opened for us.

It’s been four years since that door opened at America Makes, and since then we’ve produced 110 manufacturing videos, filming countless hours of footage, travelling across the country; New York, Orlando, El Paso, Saint Paul, Knoxville, Albuquerque, Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cedar Falls, and even to Houghton, Michigan, a town which is so far north they have postcards claiming they’re just beyond the edge of the Earth! (yes – we bought one as proof!) Throughout all of this, we’ve learned so much about advanced manufacturing that one of our clients even joked that our producer almost deserves an engineering degree with her knowledge of their manufacturing process.

What fuels us, other than coffee, to- quite literally- go the extra mile, probing manufacturing operators with questions like “What type of post-processing do you need on this machine?”, while our second camera is taking numerous beauty shots of machinery in action? We have a passion for storytelling. A passion for telling YOUR story. Every manufacturing process is different, whether it is traditional manufacturing vs. advanced manufacturing; additive vs. subtractive vs. hybrid manufacturing; or SLA vs. FDM vs. SLS vs. DLP process. We don’t use “templates” to tell your story, we take the time to learn what you do and how you do it, enabling you in turn to reach your audience with the message you need to get out. Each manufacturing video we craft is unique… like you.

If you’ve got a message to tell- either to your staff, existing customers, or potential customers- call us first. We know manufacturing, and to make sure we tell your story the best way possible, we will get to know YOU.

Our door is waiting. All you have to do is knock.